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Trade Leads Impacts on Global Business

When it comes to the business of import and export business opportunity refers basically to a business advantage. That is, someone who represents a   business  has  information  that could be beneficial for another company. If you don’t know about the information, how valuable is it? Then enter trade leads as a way for businesses to communicate effectively with each other.

Why are they important? Good question. Business opportunities are of lot of benefits for companies. It can reduce costs and time that it takes to make a transaction. This can help in reducing costs for suppliers. Other benefits (obvious) leading trade is generating new business contacts, and has the potential to increase sales of a company.

A lot of trade leads in import and export business succeed online through the internet. Typically, companies or representatives of companies to publish on websites asking for trade leads to a particular business or industry in general.

The uses of the powerful qualities of the internet, these opportunities are rarely seen by many people. It is unlikely that anyone in the world has the information of the person you are looking for or know someone who would be interested. Within minutes or hours, you can exchange information and develop new business relationships.

Business opportunities are basically nothing more than small ads that include the purchase or sale of product offerings or services. Although this seems a relatively simple thing – someone has information that another person can be useful and worth some money – but in the past had a lot of work to build networks of people using the old forms of communication.

Enter the internet. A quick and easy for a lot of people to communicate over long distances, trade leads become an even more valuable resource. The internet was built for communication and helps people in the business of import and export is to generate new leads.

If you stop to think about it, beyond just being able to reach people faster. The internet enables companies to communicate with more people. While in the past, companies could work with other companies in their local area, is fast becoming a global market.

And this is what the businessmen have to do with business – to reduce the bottom line and increase profits. Business opportunities are an important part of this process. They have been in the past and will only remain important as time passes and the global economy really awake.

How To Start A Car Repair Business

Most of us find car repair businesses everywhere yet we often complain about the lack of a good mechanic. You will be surprised to learn that becoming a good mechanic is not a tough task and you can conceivably start your own local business. Starting up a car repair business will not prove to be a difficult task and in the course of time with the help of the below tips, you can learn to make your business desirable to customers so that you can be sure to reap big dividends in future.

1) There is a vision behind every business and this is certainly required for the car repair business. If you decide to work only on foreign cars, then you will require special licensing for this purpose. Apart from this field, you can choose to concentrate only on the basic aspects of car repair which are oil changes, batteries and belts. Hence, the first decision you would have to make is regarding what kind of customers you are willing to serve and to whom you would open the doors.

2) You need to recognize areas in which you are lacking so that you can increase the knowledge in these areas. For instance, in case you require special licensing for working with specific makes of cars such as Volvo or BMW, you have to carry out intensive research for this purpose. Certain courses are available in this area and you can also choose to enroll for certification which is open for mechanics.

3) A perfect location for your business is extremely important in order to find success in your venture. You can check with your local zoning office as car repair businesses cannot be put up in all locations. There are many people who do not wish to be near such businesses and thus knowing the right place where you can start your business can prove to be worthwhile as you would have set your foundations in the right place. Hence, before zeroing on your location consider all these facts and details.

4) A business plan is very crucial in every business and outlining the initiation of the company will only help you to achieve your goals. Many of the times we get lost when we start out on our venture and to erase this possibility, it is a must that you introduce a business plan right from the inception of the business. In this aspect, you can find out policies which will help you to stand out from your competitors. For instance, you can offer tyre changes at a certain time or can even give certain discounts in such matters. As you are venturing out in a field which already has its key players, you need to understand and come out up wonderful ideas which will see to it that you attain success in your venture at some point of time.

5) You can use the help of a research firm. You can make use of this firm which will support you in outlining ideas and will also help you to survey the condition of the local community.

Features of Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003

The Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003 includes five programs integrated into one solution: Word 2003, Excel 2003, PowerPoint 2003, Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager and Publisher 2003.

Track Your   Business  Contact  Information  in One Familiar Place

Use Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager (an add-on to Outlook 2003) to manage all your contacts in one place. You can easily track information about sales opportunities, accounts and individual business contacts.

Manage Sales Leads and Opportunities

Stay on top of opportunities and maximize sales by effectively tracking leads using Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager. Create a contact page containing essential information for every business opportunity; set reminders, rules or alerts to follow up; and store other data as the customer relationship grows.

Create and Publish Impressive Sales and Marketing Materials

Microsoft Office Publisher 2003 can help you easily create compelling sales and marketing publications for print, web and email use. Promote your business with professional-quality newsletters, brochures, websites, marketing email messages, catalogues and other materials that you can create in-house.

Build Publications from a Database

Use the Catalogue Merge Wizard in Publisher 2003 to create a publication. In just a few clicks, the wizard merges images and text from another source – such as Microsoft Excel 2003 – to produce a publication. This tool also helps create catalogues, price lists, address books, directories, datasheets and other publications that get updated frequently.

Efficiently Connect with Your Customers Online

Publisher 2003 can help you create and send attractive email publications or newsletters that look great whatever email program your recipients use. Plus, you can create a web presence for your business with the new Easy Web Site Builder wizard.

Create Multimedia Presentations

Create compelling multimedia presentations with streaming audio and video using PowerPoint 2003. It offers playback controls, static and streaming audio and video formats and full-screen video presentations during slide shows. And, you can publish your presentation to the web or copy it onto a CD using the Package for CD feature.

Handle Email Messages More Efficiently

Respond to changing business conditions quickly with enhanced Outlook 2003 email capabilities. With improvements such as the larger reading area, Mail Desktop Alert, Quick Flags and Search Folders, you will spend less time reading, organizing, sifting through and responding to email messages.

Help Increase Security and Privacy While Reducing Junk Email Messages and Viruses

Increased security measures in Outlook 2003 can reduce the time spent managing your email. Take advantage of enhancements that can block incoming messages containing viruses, prevent Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) images from validating your email address and stop junk email messages cluttering your Inbox.

Access Templates, Clip Art, Training Courses and How-to Articles

Microsoft Office Online provides helpful tools and resources, including how-to articles, training, templates, clip art and product updates. These timesaving tools can help your employees increase productivity and get the most out of Office 2003 and other Microsoft Office System products.

Share Information Internally and With Business Partners

Improve communication among your employees and partners with shared workspaces created from programs in Microsoft Office 2003 Editions. Based on Microsoft Windows Share Point Services, these collaboration websites provide a single spot where virtual teams can work together in real time to share, modify and review files.

Home Business Expert – Demystifying Visualization & Meditation

There is a lot of mysticism, devotion and religion that has become attached with visualization and meditation over the years but let us not go into all that here. Leaving the religious aspects out of this, let us take a look at whether meditation and visualization can still benefit the professional, particularly the small business entrepreneur. And if it really can, let us find out exactly how this happens.

Whether you attach any mysticism to it or not, meditation is indeed a great solution to unlock your hidden potential. In fact there have been many instances when people have received great ideas when they were meditating. There have also been many cases when people have found an answer to a problem while meditating. This is particularly true for all those who are into creative work meditation seems to be useful when there is a creative block’. Meditation can also lift a person from both mental and physical agony and provide an inner peace of mind. Even mainstream doctors are thus now prescribing meditation to their patients. So we see that with meditation a person will be able to beat stress and eradicate the negative factors that are preventing him or her from fulfilling his/her true potential.

Visualization is another way you can help you become successful by reaching your potential. Visualization begins with a desire to become someone you have always wanted to. Perhaps you saw a brilliant dance performance in your younger days and it thrilled you so much that you have wanted to become a dancer ever since. Now if you are really passionate about this, you will ultimately reach your goal as things will begin to fall in place. This clear focus is also sure to help you. Studies have shown that when you have a clear idea about where you want to go and what you truly want, you have a much better chance of goal fulfillment.

Begin to imagine it, feel it, see it, and you can already visualize yourself having it. Just think for a moment that you are a movie star and you are holding the Oscar award in your hand this is sure to motivate and spur you when you do your acting the next time. While you may not finally win the Oscar award, but the visualization will surely bring out the best in your abilities.

Online Accounting Software For Personal and Business Success

You may have heard about the latest wave of trend in accounting, moving to online based accounting software. While some of the existing software can adequately cope with your needs, some of the online features may be worth considering if your business is changing or outgrowing the traditional desktop based software.

Make bookkeeping, cost less, take less time and more fun

The new era of online accounting software packages have been described as faster and easier to input. The main reason for this is new interfacing with banks enabling a bank feed of your relevant bank statements directly into the accounting software. This saves time and money compared to old manual bank statement reconciling or even input from electronic transaction files. Many of the online software can remember and automatically suggest where to code the transaction if they look the same as a past transaction. Imagine all tradesman, quickly coding a regular expense such as petrol automatically.

I also like the new fresh dashboard feel which enable you to track your key accounts such as sales, bank or expenses accounts. This can be customized to what you need to see quickly all the time, like account receivables and payable.

What is great is that this can now be adapted to personal finance and not just business accounting. So an individual knows more about his finances than what salary they earn. Instead they know all their income and expenditures. Most importantly they have fun seeing their net worth grow on their personal net worth balance sheet. To me, this is an easy way to link your personal goals to an easy measurable personal accounting system.

Have up to date information all year

Accountants are seeing the need to give   business  and individuals relevant financial  information . It makes sense that while you are doing this you are also gradually taking take of the end of year tax return and gst requirements at the same time. Many are now offering fixed price accounting packages which incorporates subscription to your online accounting software, regular reporting, business coaching end of year payroll returns annual ASIC return, gst returns and tax returns.

When you provide regular financial  information   businesses  are able to have all the information to make managing their businesses more informed. Some provide this service and also update clients on how gst and tax liabilities are going throughout the year so there are no surprises.

Small business online accounting software will help you run your company by keeping track of your sales & expenses. It will automatically give you a wide range of analysis and reports. This information is critical to the success of any large or small business. The online accounting software will also let you create and manage invoices using professional templates. This will make it easy to have the bill in your client’s hands in no time and all online.

Work from anywhere with internet, flexibility for you and life balance of staff

The great thing about online personal finance software is you and permitted staff can work from anywhere and have access to your data. You can set up user to read only say your bank manager, have full access bookkeeper and accountant access too. Accountants love online software as they receive the end of year transactions in data format which are easy to upload into their financial software. Handing over the end of year financial records is made very easy with online accounting software as the source of the accounting file is shared by you, your staff, your bank manager and accountant all from the same place, the internet – anywhere and at any time.

You do not need to worry about your hard drive crashing, losing any data or having it stolen when you are not there. Your information is being stored on multiple high-security servers so anywhere you can access the internet you will have access to your finance software.

You also get the latest versions of the software and backups all done for you.

Online Business – Getting Started

Information: Quality and Quantity

Do you know how valuable your words are when it comes to driving traffic? Like Titles, Keywords, and Information. If you have information on a product, or service that’s in your niche, There are people willing to pay for it! Why? Information is the best product to promote on the internet. Have you noticed people pay high dollar for quality information they been looking for.

The reason people will pay is because there just is not enough good solid informative information out there. Example: If you look up “article writing” you will go an article directory and search Article writing. When you start looking at the articles you will find there all written by people who are experienced in this subject.

Problem: You will find how to make your article appealing, or correctly spaced. Tips where to find more articles on this subject. That’s all good information but, Its NOT Enough! Maybe that’s not what your looking for at all. Then you dig a little more and find out half the information that you need, just to find out it won’t work for you! Maybe you want to know how to submit a article to a directory, or make a resource box that people will notice. That’s why information and content is so important to traffic.

I use Article Writing to drive traffic to my site that is about “starting an online business” I write articles about things I have had problems with in the past. I write about how I corrected the problems and then I share it with people who might be having the same kind of problems. When people are selling you information are you really getting quality information or quantity information. Lets say you want to start your own online business.

You look it up on Google and what happens? You get a million places that want to help you start a online business with there products or service. Now are they going to give everything you need to start? NO. Are they going to show you step by step procedures how to start? NO. Will they explain each process of each step so you will be able to understand what you are doing and why? NO. NO. I’m guessing NOT!

Most sites are telling you how to get rich over night by using there product. And they might have a good product for someone who knows how it works and understands why it works. Again you got quantity information not quality. Do they offer a sample of there material to you? Or maybe give you a free e-book that explains what kind of information you will receive when you get there product or service? You have to know all about the business to make it work.

You have to know how to drive traffic, You have to know how to use a auto-responder, and you have to know how they work as your tools together and separately. When you get down to the basics of a online business you only need to learn a few skills. And these skills are very learnable.

You only need a few things to start your business.

First you Need a Website

You need hosting (free hosting at my site)

You need a Auto-Responder

Writing An Effective Press Release To Catch Media Attention

From the sole trader to the multinational company, sending the right message to the public is

critical to how they view the business. In fact, press releases can be a vital part of any business’s

strategy, as well as its downfall if not handled correctly.

A press release or news release is a written statement directed at the media. The statement is

written with the intended purpose of informing a target market about news that will be

of interest to them via the publication. The press release will typically be sent via post, fax or email

to a selected editor or writer at a newspaper, magazine, trade journal, radio station, television studio, online news site or a news broadcasting network.

There are many rules and regulations for writing an effective press release and if a release does

not follow a particular format, editors will often disregard it. The following guidelines will help you

to format your press release.

Target Media List

It is very important to select your target media list carefully. Send the release to the media titles

who have an interest in either your industry or the news item in the release.

There are two types of press release:

1. Consumer Press Releases – Aimed at the general public, a consumer release will be

distributed via local or national newspapers and consumer magazines. The release can

be written in a less formal tone but should be newsworthy, topical or statistically led.

2. Trade Press Releases – Aimed at specialist trade journals, business press and trade

news websites. You are likely to have more success with trade press, although the

circulated readership will often be much less than consumer press. You can also add

quotes from the management team.

If you are looking to promote your business to your stakeholders but cannot afford advertising, PR

is often the most cost effective place to start. Your PR campaign can then be backed up by an

advertising campaign once your brand has received recognition from the public.

Ultimately, a prospective customer will have more time for your business after reading an article

from an editorial viewpoint, than they would from an advertisement which is selling your business

from a biased viewpoint. Customers will learn to recognise your brand from a trusted source.

Don’t be afraid to be creative – look at what people like Richard Branson have achieved through

PR. Also, remember the phrase that all publicity is good publicity. Although Branson’s original

balloon trip was a complete failure, Virgin received unprecedented press coverage which

enforced their brand recognition with the public and ultimately aided the development of the


The Rules!

The truth is, there are certain rules that you should consider when writing a press release. With

the concept of “free publicity” and the fact that the public relations industry is growing at over 20% per annum, it is easy to imagine the number of press releases that arrive on a journalist’s desk

every day. A large majority of releases will be quickly directed towards the bin but if you follow

some basic rules and capture the journalists’ attention, you’re half way there.

HEADING Type the heading PRESS RELEASE in bold at the top of the release

DATE Always quote the release date under the heading

TITLE The headline should briefly encompass the release’s content – make it interesting and no more than 10 words

OPENING SENTENCE The opening paragraph, in bold, should introduce the story. This is a crucial part of the release to ensure the reader is instantly engaged and will continue to the body of the story.

LANGUAGE Always write in the third person and never try to sell a product/service as you would in an advertisement. Think of the release as a story you would read yourself in an article.

CONTENT Keep the main body of the release free from background information on the company – the release should focus upon a hook which is relevant to the publication and readership. As above, make sure the story is interesting, topical and relevant to the readership.

NOTES Under the NOTES TO EDITOR section at the end of the release, details of the company, background and any other additional information should be included along with full contact details.

Editors also like to see the content follow a specific theme and these tips should help you ensure the content is of the right quality:

SIMPLICITY Keep it simple. Don’t be too flamboyant – just state the facts.

EDITING The key to a good press release is one that does not need editing by a journalist. Making their job easy by just copying and pasting the release into the publication will encourage journalists to use the


COPY DEADLINES Remember time frames: some monthly magazines have a three month copy deadline so if you are looking to promote a new product for Christmas, you should send the release in October. For this reason, planning a sustained and ongoing PR campaign is crucial.

RELEVANCE As well as topical issues look at conducting a survey or using statistics to generate press coverage. State this information as news, then mention how your company can help. Newsworthy stories, especially aimed at local press, can also be related to anything that brings attention to your business. For instance, you celebrate receiving your 100th unique customer by inviting all regular customers for a champagne reception. This is interesting to your local free weekly paper as it has a direct affiliation with the readership, but the story is far too localised for the Sunday Times so go with an entirely different angle to this type of media.

WRITING STYLE Journalists write in a style called the ‘inverted pyramid’ which means that any paragraph can be taken and understood without the other text supporting it. If you can follow this system, the journalist will be more inclined to use the story as their editing work is limited.

RELEVANT CONTACT Make sure the release is distributed to the relevant news or features editor as they are unlikely to pass it to a colleague

Finally, don’t give up. A PR campaign should be a long term investment. Don’t be disheartened if your release is not published straight away. Try to create a dialogue with journalists over time and as long as your releases remain interesting and relevant, you should see results.

Best Resources for Small Businesses

Being a successful small business is not easy. The five core challenges most small business face are time management, pricing, cash flow, managing growth and marketing / client acquisition. In order to succeed, you must arm yourself against these challenges. The good news is that there are a number of fabulous resources to help you with these issues.

Actively seek out the right small   business   information .

Many small business owners are so over-extended that they neglect staying informed about business trends. This is a fatal error. In today’s modern marketplace, you simply cannot succeed if you run your business on intuition alone. You may stay afloat in the short run, but you will eventually lose out to better informed competitors.

There are a number of incredible online resources that are both free and invaluable. Sites like Inc.com and Entrepreneur.com provide tips on just about everything from starting your business to navigating advanced legal issues. They feature in depth information on running your business, leadership / management techniques, sales & marketing tips, small business technology and finances.

Helpful Tip: Set aside at least 1 hour each week to review these sites. If you find that you prefer to read in bed, consider subscribing to a few of these magazines. This information will make you and your business stronger.

Know your industry and target market in real time.

In our modern age, trends shift at break-neck speed. It is important to stay abreast of developments in both your industry and your target market’s microcosm. After all, more often than not, what concerned your target market 3 months ago is now ancient history.

Subscribe to industry related publications and consume the same media as your target market. If you sell jewelry for eco-friendly women in their thirties and forties, spend an hour each week reading news and publications that are relevant to that market. Likewise, be sure to check industry news every week. For example, using the same eco-friendly jewelry analogy, you might read up on green product developments, new fashion trends or even ecological political issues.

Helpful Tip: Set two separate Google Alerts – one on your industry and one for your target market – to send you period updates on relevant news. Google will send these news stories to you automatically, making it easy to skim over the headlines and read through the meaningful stories.

Find the right on-line partnerships.

The proliferation of online office supply stores makes economically and efficiently stocking your office a lot easier than it was 10 years ago. Buying office supplies online takes less time and makes price comparison easy. Because of online competition, online suppliers are eager to earn your business. The good ones will provide a wealth of free information on their site and happily take your calls to field questions and offer advice. For example, if you are looking for discounted printer ink cartridges but are a little confused about toner versus regular stores like compandsave not only provide free yet invaluable printer cartridge information resource center but they also eagerly accept calls and offer advice on how to save on office supplies.

Helpful Tip: When you find a supplier with great prices and customer service, hold onto them for the long-haul. A good supplier relationship can save you thousands, streamline your operations and free up your time so you can focus on growing your business.

Dun & Bradstreet – Your Business Credit

On July 20, 1841, Lewis Tappan first established The Mercantile Agency in New York City. This organization’s purpose was to create a network of correspondents to function as a consistent, objective, and reliable source of credit information.*

Information Collection

Dun & Bradstreet operates the largest business database in the world, with information on over a hundred million businesses worldwide. This includes thirty-eight million in the US. Dun & Bradstreet is far and away the number one provider of business information concerning marketing, credit and purchasing decision-making. Currently, over a hundred and fifty thousand businesses of many sizes depend on D&B for the insight needed to build and maintain profitable business relationships.

The information found in the D&B database is compiled by gathering millions of bank and trade transactions, business owner info, public utilities, federal bankruptcy listings, and all the offices of the US Secretaries of State. They also go over hundreds of magazine, newspaper, trade publication, and electronic news to gather data. In addition, they conduct millions of interviews, with managers and businesspeople. They can attain up to as many as fifteen hundred data elements compiled on a particular company. Overall, over two hundred million financial transactions are added to D&B’s database annually. They update the information on a continual basis; one and a half million times each business day, to be sure the information is the most current available.

Managing Business Credit

It’s a good idea to manage your business’ credit as this credit rating can either save or cost your business money.

Have you ever been denied a loan? Have you been required to pay a high insurance premium? Have you been required to pay cash on delivery to receive supplies?

If you’re not exactly sure of what is in your credit profile, you can’t really be sure if your company is being presented in a favorable way. A bad or absent credit profile can affect your bottom line directly. Having good credit is a lifeline to your business. This will let you find the funds to expand, make capital expenditures, create research and development, and hire staff. Your future growth is dependent on this rating, along with access to the cash needed to survive. Maintaining a good business credit rating also let you keep cash on hand to cover your costs, and this kind of liquidity will allow you quick response to situations that are time sensitive – without the need to wait or pause operations.

Business credit has become the main method of setting the terms of business loans, lease payments, and insurance rates. Maintaining excellent credit can help your business earn lower rates and improve cash flow. Your credit record is the main method which companies will determine if they want to do business with your company or not – and, on what terms. These companies will depend upon your creditworthiness in order to make important decisions. These decisions include whether or not to sell to your business, lend money, accept you as a partner, increase a line of credit, lease equipment, extend favorable rates of financing, and determine if you compare well against competitors in your field.

A number of business data points are included in business credit: date began, experience of executive leadership, annual sales figures, and the total number of employees. This info is listed with the credit profile, as well as ratings and scores which have been determined though the past behaviors of your business. For example, past willingness to pay bills is factored into determining the likelihood that you will pay bills in the future. The overall credit worthiness of a business is determined by the four Cs of credit: character, capital, capacity and conditions.

Character includes the total number of years operating in business, workforce size, willingness to share information, judgments or law suits, coverage in the media, stock market valuations, and comments from relevant references.

Capital determines if a business has the resources necessary to repay creditors. Generally, this part of the credit report is most important in the review of an analyst. Top importance is attributed to items including net worth, working capital amounts, and cash flow.

Capacity refers to a company’s ability to satisfy its accounts payable. This also covers the debt of the company and how it is structured, including unused credit and defaults.

Conditions are the outside factors which surround the company. These include industry growth, market changes, political or legal factors, and currency valuations.

Loan officers and credit managers answer these sorts of questions by reviewing information supplied by customers, banking information, trading information, and requests for credit check information. The process is quite like that of gaining personal credit. If you’ve ever opened a banking account, financed an auto, or used a credit card, you have a personal credit file. This info intends to help you locate the funds to operate your household. Still, not all businesses have a credit profile; this is why some creditors check the personal credit of small business owners. If you want to reduce your personal liability and operate a business, it is preferable to establish credit for your business and use this to run it. Using personal credit to obtain funds to operate your business could pose some problems.

The bottom line is that other businesses need to take note of your credit profile regardless of the size of your company. You too, need to understand your own business credit profile, to understand how credit worthy you appear there. All transactions affect your profile. On-time payments help keep the cost of borrowing low. The information about new and old companies are equally available, obtained from numerous sources and added into your compiled profile. Make sure this information is true, accurate and updated. A strong credit score can help you maintain favorable rates, and affect your overall cash flow, the lifeblood of a business.

*The information provided in this article is strictly for informational purposes only. Please consult with your financial advisors regarding any aspects of your credit profile.

How to Start Your Own Mailing List Business

Printed as   news  &  information  only

Selling mailing lists can prove to be a profitable sideline to any mail order business. Many dealers rely on “direct mail” to promote their goods or services. They are always interested in good, fresh prospects. The most popular classifications of names are “Opportunity Seekers”, “Cash Customers” and “Mail Order Dealers”. Mail order dealers are the easiest names to obtain. To get them,, all you have to do is copy the names & addresses of advertisers from current mail order trade publications. For a good selection of mail order magazines and newspapers, and answer ads for “Big Mails”.

“Opportunity Seekers” are those that are looking for ways to earn extra income. “Cash Customers” are simply those that have made purchases.

Never copy somebody else’s lists. This could involve you in “copyright infringement”, a federal offense. Also, you could be duplicating old, stale lists. To be successful, your names & addresses must be fresh and accurate. This will keep your customers coming back again and again. To start, you need a computer or someone to type the names for you. Look in your Yellow Pages under “Secretarial Services”. Or, contact mail order dealers who sell names. Many of them will do your typing at reasonable rates. Another suggestion is to contact the typing teacher of your local high school or business college. Students love to earn spending money-and it’s good practice for them, too.

The best way to have the names typed is across the page. Use white paper and a fresh black or red typewriter ribbon-never blue. Each 8 1/2″ x 11″ page will easily hold 50 names. Each page should also be carefully coded in either upper corner as to the page number, classification and date typed. Use any code you wish, but one of the easiest is like this: “3CC10169”. This means page 3, cash customers, typed October 16, 1999.

The date is extremely important. People change addresses rapidly in this country. Names more than 6 months old may be outdated. After this period of time, it is best to throw these names away. Or, you can make a “follow-up” mailing to each name on your lists. Send these letters first class with your return address plainly visible. Those that are “nixies” (undeliverable for one reason or another), should be deleted. Instead of typing the complete corrected list over again, you can have replacement names typed on a separate piece of paper. Then carefully cut out and paste a replacement name over each name that is no longer usable.

After the names are neatly typed,, take them to your printer. It will cost you about 3 cents to 4 cents to have each sheet printed, if you order 100 copies at a time. This means that every 100 copies of each page will cost you between $3 and $4, but can be worth $100.00 to $300.00 -depending upon what you decide to charge per 100 names. The best way to establish the “going price” is to check the ads of other mailing list dealers in mail order trade publications. Never charge the most, or the least. The middle of the road is always best.

To promote your new mailing list service, run ads like this: FREE 50 fresh names of Opportunity Seekers! Free for long self-addressed stamped envelope! (Your name & address)”. Ads like this will save you postage and envelope costs.

When orders come in from your free list, also include a price list of other names you have for sale. Somewhere on your price list, say something like “GUARANTEED DELIVERABLE! We supply 10 free names for every one that is returned!” This will cinch the sale, keep your customers happy and coming back for more!

And for every customer that answers your ads and/or buys names from you, you have another name to add to your

mailing lists!

Copyright 2004 by DeAnna Spencer